©Andrew C Potter 2013

Andrew brings a wide and unusual experience to his art as a former US marine.  Contrary to expectations, having a background in the toughest fighting machine in the world only seems to have refined Andrew’s eye for the human figure.  His nudes and portraits stand out in his works.  There are also paintings that reveal something of the soul that has had to reflect on the darker side of humanity.  These themes have been combined in his latest solo exhibition, ‘Beautiful Jarlings,’ a surrealist collection on show at Obscura Gallery in St Kilda until 14 November.

Andrew completed a Fine Arts Degree at Ballarat University in Victoria in 2011, receiving the Trustees of the National Gallery of Victoria Award for Academic Excellence.  He was awarded 2nd place in the Lucato Peace Prize 2009; a finalist in the Sir John Sulman Prize in 2012; chosen for the Hidden Faces of the Archibald 2013;  and a best pick in the International Emerging Artists Award Dubai 2013.
en plein air, Bondi Beach, 9 April 2012